Evangelist Charlene Jackson faithfully served the ministry from

the beginning of Acts Full Gospel Church in 1984 until her Home-

going in January 2011. Evangelist Charlene was instrumental in

the growth, development and success of the Acts Full Gospel



Charlene and Bishop Jackson had one child, David E, Jackson,

and was second mother to Lisa, Jamal, Kamani, and Shavonn.


Acts family will continually celebrate her faithfulness, and honor her labor of love. Her life,

legacy and spirit as a wonderful, caring and gracious woman of God will forever be imprinted in our hearts and serves as a continued example for not only the women of Acts Full Gospel, but every woman who was touched by her life.


We will forever pay tribute to Evangelist Charlene Jackson for her many years of faithful service to The Lord Jesus and the Acts Full Gospel Church.