Starting on September 1st, we shall declare a time of "Restoration." A time for Fasting and Praying. Beginning Tuesday, September 1, from the time you wake-up, until 3:00pm, Liquids Only Fast. We will also read the Book of St. John, a chapter a day, for 21 days.


Our Prayers will cover three (3) areas:

(1) Nigeria, Africa

  • The Boko Horan 

  • God's Protection Of His People 

  • Casting The Devils Out Of Nigeria 

  • Declaring The Lord Jesus Over The Country

(2) America 

  • Chicago 

  • Godly Christian Leadership 

  • Casting The Devils Out Of America 

  • Healing/Destroying COVID-19

(3) The Church 

  • Refocusing On The Lord Jesus Christ 

  • Reviving By The Holy Ghost 

  • Renewing Of Minds By The Word Of God 

  • Reassembling, Giving All The Glory To God


Let's believe God that at the end of this 21 Day Fast God will manifest His Presence and His Power.

Let’s be on One Accord and Agree as Touching these things in Jesus' name.


-Bishop Bob Jackson