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Church History


  In January 1984, Evangelist Bob Jackson began bible study in a rented dance hall at 5280 Foothill Boulevard in Oakland, CA. The bible study class came about as a result of many souls coming to the Lord Jesus Christ during a radio broadcast ministry he conducted during that same time. People were being saved, but did not have a place to continue to grow spiritually. Evangelist Bob thought he could teach the particpatants the Word of God until the new converts could find a church home.


  Several months later, Evangelist Bob and his wife Charlene, made plans to move to Georgia. The radio ministry and bible study class were in the process of being closed when Evangelist Bob had an unusual conversation with a stranger. Early one morning Evangelist Bob was waiting to use the automated teller on Fruitvale Avenue in Oakland, CA. An elderly man with a cane approached Bob and asked if he could have a word with him. Hesitantly the young evangelist agreed. The stranger asked him if he had ever thought about the fig tree and what makes it different from all other fruit-bearing trees? Evangelist Bob was perplexed by this strange question, and before he could reply, the stranger said that a fig tree is the only fruit-bearing tree which bears fruit without first having a blossom. The old man continued, asking if Bob had considered the birds that fly south, and asked if he knew why there is only one bird at the front of the flock? The elderly stranger again answered before Bob could respond; “It’s because he’s the one that knows the way and he doesn’t run off and leave the flock, but he stays with them until they all get to their destination.” The elderly stranger then tipped his hat and said, “good day.”


  Bob used the automated teller and returned to his car where his wife was waiting. He asked her if she had seen the man to whom he was speaking. She acknowledged that she has seen a man speaking to him. She also stated that she did notice the fact that the old stranger resembled her long deceased father. Bob began to share with his wife the conversation he had with the man but he was nowhere in the area. This was strange because the man was walking very slowly, using a cane, and there were no streets that the man could have turned down quickly.


  Evangelist Bob and Charlene believed the man was an angel. They cancelled their plans for the move down south. Shortly thereafter there was an increase in the requests for the young evangelists to start a congregation in Oakland. After much prayer, Bob accepted this as the will of the Lord and announced he would begin a new congregation. The bible class was in the Book of Acts at the time, and the new congregation was named ACTS FULL GOSPEL CHURCH.


  On May 6, 1984, ACTS FULL GOSPEL CHURCH held its first service in a dance hall (nicknamed the “Upper Room”), with 15 people in attendance, including Pastor Bob and Sister Charlene. The Acts Full Gospel family has continued to grow and wax strong through our Lord and Savior, JESUS CHRIST!